Economic Development Agency of the Abbey Principality of Seborga

In order to stimulate the economic development of the Principality of Sabourg, i.e. the Abbey Principality of Seborga, by studying international cooperation projects, either within the framework of the United Nations Organisation, or within the framework of bilateral relations with other States of the International Community, on the initiative of His Reverend Highness Monsignor Giovanni, President of the Board of Directors of Seborga. The Economic Development Agency of the Abbey Principality of Seborga (A.S.E.P.A.S) was created in 2021 as an organisation of the United Micronations, i.e. bilateral relations with other States of the International Community, on the initiative of His Most Reverend Highness Monsignor Giovanni Luca, Prince-Abbot Archbishop of Seborga.

This agency, the hub of the Economic Development Department, has its institutional headquarters in Seborga, Via Maccario 1, and an operational branch in the Principality of Monaco.

The Managing Director is Mr Claudio Genovese, former President of the European branch of the Tyrona Group.

The agency coordinates the analysis, research and development of innovative economic development projects for the Ministry of the Economy, headed by H.E. Brother Antonio Porcaro.

It is funded by the Digital Foundation set up by the Ministry of the Economy.

It also collaborates with the Department of the Environment, headed by H.E. Monica Langé, the Department of Industry, headed by H.E. Gary Chorostecky, and the Department of Tourism, headed by H.E. Tiziana Manca di Mores, who manages the Department of Transport, divided into the Automobile Club, Yacht Club and Aero Club directorates. The purpose of these institutions is to manage the registration of vehicles, boats and aircraft, as well as organising the events needed to revive the local economy, which has been deeply affected by the global economic crisis caused by Covid19. Despite the crisis, the automotive and nautical sectors are constantly expanding and evolving; the historical re-enactment of car, nautical and aeronautical races and competitions, and sporting and amateur events promoting locomotion using zero-emission, electric or hydrogen-powered engines, will attract many enthusiasts and tourists.

The Seborga Yacht Club is provisionally linked to the tourist port of Menton Garavan (France) and the tourist port of Ventimiglia, pending the reopening of the works to complete the port of Ospedaletti, a harbour area located just a few thousand metres from the border with the Principality of Sabourg, or the Abbey Principality of Seborga. A funicular link between the port of Ospedaletti and the historic centre of Seborga, a project already mentioned in part by others, will provide a direct link between the Principality of Seborga and the sea. In this respect, the P.A.S. Committee for Major Road Projects and Connections is already operational to define the administrative formalities required to finalise the project in question for submission to the local and European administrations.

The Agency aims to invest in at least five new international cooperation projects by the end of 2024, in order to develop innovative technologies for which it holds rights and patents. In this respect, bilateral relations are already in place, at an embryonic stage, with certain States of the International Community.