Agenzia dello Sviluppo Economico del Principato Abbaziale di Seborga

In order to encourage the economic development of the Abbey Principality of Seborga and in particular to support the local community with economic and social revitalisation projects, the Economic Development Agency of the Abbey Principality of Seborga was created on the initiative of the Prince-Abbot, His Reverend Highness Father Giovanni Luca de Lucia.

The main objective of this initiative is to generate new economic and social opportunities, both in the workplace and to encourage voluntary work, supporting the work carried out in recent decades by the municipal administration of Seborga.

In this respect, an office has been created to deal with the commercial, tourist and cultural renaissance of Seborga, which will be managed by the community cooperative “Principato Abbaziale Seborga”, based in Seborga, Via Maccario 1, a cooperative under Italian law.

Two cultural associations have been created:

  • Automobile Club Seborga, A.C.Seborga;
  • Yacht Club Seborga, Y.C.Seborga;

which will support the association “La Vela Bianca dell’Antico Principato di Seborga”, already active in the organisation of cultural events and lyrical music performances in Seborga.

The aim of these new associations will be to organise the events necessary to revive the local economy, which has been deeply compromised by the crisis caused by the global pandemic caused by Covid19. The automotive and nautical sectors, despite the crisis, are constantly expanding and evolving, the historical re-enactment of races and competitions in the automotive or nautical sectors, sporting and amateur events in favour of locomotion with zero emission, electric or hydrogen engines, will bring many fans and tourists to Seborga.

Obviously, as the territory of Seborga is entirely in a hilly area, the YCSeborga will be temporarily connected to the port of Menton Garavan (France) or to the port of Sanremo, while waiting for the reopening of the construction site that will finalise the works of the port of Ospedaletti, a port area located a few thousand metres from the border of Seborga. A project for a funicular link between the port of Ospedaletti and the historic centre of Seborga, a project already mentioned in part by others, will allow a direct connection with Seborga.

In this respect, the “Major road and connection projects of the P.A.S.” Committee is already working on defining the administrative practices and the corresponding project, to be presented in the local administration, both at regional and European level.

The team of experts and technicians is evaluating the optimal technical solutions in order to elaborate the final draft project to be presented to the municipal administration of Seborga.

ASEPAS is directly linked to the advisor of the Economic Development Department.

The economic revitalisation schemes are summarised as follows

  • Community cooperative “Principato Abbaziale Seborga”.
  • P.A.S. Committee for Major Projects of Roads and Connections
  • ACSeborga
  • YCSeborga
  • iShop

A particular device for the sports revival of Seborga is the Polisportiva P.A.S., a branch of the Community Cooperative that aims to revitalise the sports area that has been disused for years in Seborga.

The Monastic Order of Seborga and the Ecumenical Institute will organise a series of conventions, conferences and guided tours of the historical-religious and prayer sites, in order to promote cultural, religious, historical and tourist activities.

In order to have access to all the economic services promoted by the Monastic State, the e-residence card has been created, a card equivalent to the Italian tax code, which can be requested by those who wish to become digital residents of the Abbey Principality of Seborga.

The e-residency card can be applied for online and will be sent directly to the applicant’s home after a formal investigation into their good character. Any foreign citizen who has reached the age of majority can apply for the e-resident card. It is valid for one year and is renewable upon payment of a symbolic sum, established by the Councillor for Economy and Finance.

This card gives access to the following services

  • Access to the online business register
  • Accumulation of digital units and discounts for the purchase of products online at iShop
  • Join the ACSeborga
  • Join the YCSeborga
  • Invest in initiatives that will be promoted for the economic recovery of Seborga
  • Obtain the annual car sticker

Benefit from a series of digital services that will be explained shortly.